About Mellissa


Mellissa Marrello - Master Colourist

Acclaimed by Haircolor USA as Young and New Artist in South Beach Miami 1991 with an innovative new colour technique called “SPOTLIGHTS”. Mellissa well known for her first innovation in hair coloring techniques, it is a theory of “MINIMALISM,” in which less becomes more, 20 years later it has evolved into what is now called Hombre. It is an exciting approach enhancing one’s beauty by integrating hair designs with colour, this technique was introduced to the colour industry in 1991 at Hair Color USA, where Mellissa was presented as a new upcoming star.

She’s the “Contessa” champion Canadian Makeover Colorist of the Year in 1994 at 19 years old. Mellissa hits Studio Italia featured in main article called “The Best” only Canadian covering the international scene.

Mellissa’s work has been featured in many world renowned magazines. She has traveled, teaching others about her philosophy of hair coloring. She has been a platform artist for many hair shows such as The International Color Exchange, Hair Color USA, and The Color Connection. Mellissa has done a considerable amount of stage work for a number of color corporations, New York, New Orleans, Beverly Hills.

Mellissa has had the pleasure of working with many International artists such as: Annie Hunphries, Daniel Galvin, Leland Hirsh, Jessie Briggs, Ed Perruzzi, Richard Burns, Lili Jakel (Canada’s own) 

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