Raffaello Salon

When you do styles you limit yourself to some people, when you do people hairstyles are unlimited.” 1971 - Raffaello

How can we make anything of quality without the ingredient of time?  

It takes time for a salon to yield stylist with individual character. It takes time for an artist to develop skills which builds uniqueness into a style. All this time makes Raffaello’s finest work rich in character.

It’s not that common to find a salon with consistency as well as artistic ability. It takes passion to develop fine skills and an open mind to learn more. The professional staff at Raffaello has worked together for many years and is experienced and creative enough to meet all the needs and challenges of today’s fast changing world and hair fashions.

We are a full service salon offering everything from a fast blow-out, a functional simple cut for the busy lifestyle, the confident individual, the up-to date fashion conscious, the elegance of the classic symbolic beauty of the bride to be, a special design for the eccentric, or a long relaxing facial. Since 1968, Raffaello Salon has been serving the ever-changing needs of tens of thousands of the fashion conscious women and men in Toronto. This is an artist with a history and longevity of satisfied customers with hie creative prowess and that is the best character reference you can get in Toronto, Canada, if not the World.


Some Raffaello Quotes

Doing styles limits yourself to some people, do people and hairstyles are unlimited.

If I had time I would attempt to do a million people, to think of a million styles is no task of the mind.

Hair the thing, beauty the message.

No form without colour, no colour without form.

Fleeting beauty, and chasing hairdressers.

It's matter of two, two is one, one is all.

ART: Raffaello Marrello  “It’s The Cut That Counts”

ART: Raffaello Marrello “It’s The Cut That Counts”